As a Colorado Springs Interior Designer, I’m often asked what makes a house more stylish?  Or, a more comfortable living environment?  Or, what makes a house a place you want to call home?

To answer these questions I thought back at over 30 years of experience to help explore design trends for today’s homeowners seeking comfort, livability, and style.


Trend 1: A Home’s Curb Appeal Still Increases Property Value: Curb appeal as always was at the top of the list as an important consideration for homebuyers, regardless of the price range. Curb appeal ensures your home will make a great first impression about who you are and where you are in life.  At Speas Interior Design, we love helping our clients create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces that enhance lifestyle and curb appeal.

Trend 2: Kitchens and Bathrooms Never Go Out of Style: Kitchens and bathrooms are always a selling point for homeowners. If you’re going to upgrade, consider doing it in your kitchen and master bathroom.  Personalize with unique tiles, wall finishes, flooring, and paint. Even small changes such as a shower upgrade or upgraded appliances can be a nice touch.

Traditional Kitchens and Bathrooms Take the Style Lead: Although contemporary designs are in demand, traditional styles are at the height of popularity for Colorado Springs. Naturals like brown, off white and bone are common and the Shaker style cabinets appear to be gaining popularity.

Lose the Standard Kitchen Faucet: Flexible pullout faucets and pot-filler faucets in nickel are extremely popular. In additional to making life easier, cool kitchen faucets let you express yourself without breaking the bank!

Personalize Fixtures and Sinks Add Style to the Bath: According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, simple white bathroom fixtures (tubs and toilets) continue to be the most popular color.  But there’s a growing trend to personalize your bathroom with designer sinks, cabinetry and countertops.  As a design/build team, we love incorporating custom ironwork for countertops and copper vessel sinks for a touch of artistic elegance.

Bathroom Floors in Natural Tile and Vanity Tops in Natural Stone: As an interior designer , I love the look and feel of Travertine tile. Natural stone such as granite, quartz and marble, remain the top choices for kitchen counters and bathroom vanities.

Cherry on Top: Cherry remains the most popular wood for kitchen cabinetry, followed closely by maple. As for the finishes placed on those cabinets, medium natural, dark natural and glazed are the most desired choices among interior designers.  To add a touch of interest, consider a different finish and furniture like style on island cabinetry.

Undercounter Refrigeration:  French door and freezer-bottom are the most popular styles of refrigerators.  A surprising trend is the extent to which wine refrigerators are specified by half of all kitchen designers.

Trend 3: Open floor plans. Homes with kitchens that open up to the dining room, that open to the family room are very popular. Such layouts, which have come into vogue in the last decade, are trendy with homebuyers who enjoy entertaining at home; another trend impacted by the economy. Instead of expensive dinners out, more homeowners are inviting friends and family in, creating demand for open living spaces.

Trend 4:  Dual home offices. Thanks to two-income couples in which both individuals work from home, there has been a rise in demand for extra office space. In many cases couples with no children still require three bedrooms because they require additional office space.

Trend 5:Extending the indoors outside. According to the AIA’s, buyers want to make full use of their living space, including outdoor areas. That means outdoor living options such as fire pits, kitchens and, in some cases, sleeping accommodations are especially desirable, allowing buyers to enjoy as much of their property as possible.

Do these great ideas for personalizing your home sound like more than the average do-it-yourself projects?  You’re right – they are!  But with an experienced and talented design build team; you can dramatically change your 20-year-old home from an outdated, dysfunctional space to a more livable, more stylish, and more comfortable living environment.

At Speartech Innovationz Interior Design , we’re passionate about what we do! If you would like a design consultation to get you started on having Elegant Interiors , contact us

Creating a better world one beautiful room at a time!

Master Bathroom Makeovers

Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom Retreat

Unlike your kitchen, master bedroom, or family room, your master bathroom is the most private space in your home.  It's a space that requires a great deal of consideration and planning before starting any remodeling or even redecorating.  But, don't let fear of the project deter you from creating your own spa like retreat!  With a little planning and a talented designer and remodeler, your Zen retreat is just one click away!

Here are some tips on how to get started with your spa-like bathroom retreat.

Determine your ultimate goal:It’s important to remember that the average master bathroom is outdated and the room and the fixtures are just too small so remodeling may be needed.  It’s important to really identify your ultimate goal for this necessary space.  While some of these questions may seem personal, answering them honestly with your interior designer and remodeler will greatly impact the livability of this space.

    • Start by collecting pictures from magazines of bathrooms.  Look for rooms you like and can picture yourself in.  Then, make a list of what’s important to you.
    • What’s your design style – do you want sophisticated elegance, casual, contemporary, or a spa-like space?
    • Do you currently use your master bathroom tub?  75% of homeowners report they never use the tub so an excellent use of that space is to utilize it for much larger spa-like shower.
    • If you do like using your tub, how do you see yourself enjoying your tub – soaking tub, jetted tub, or free standing?
    • How many people will be soaking in the tub at one time?
    • Do you want a walk-in shower that’s stylish yet handicapped accessible?
    • How many people will be enjoying the shower at one time?
    • What type of shower system do you want – multiple heads, rain showers, handheld showers, body sprays?
    • Do you want two sinks and what style do you like – stone vessel sink, drop in sink, pedestal sink?
    • Do you want a linen closet in your master bath retreat?
    • Do you want a separate powder room with raised and elongated toilets?
    •  How about an entrance from the laundry room?
    • How much storage space is important to you?
    • Do you have natural light or do you want to add new windows?
    • Good lighting is a necessity in bathrooms, but also a decorative focal point that will give your bathroom a custom look. Do you want to upgrade  lighting with custom sconces, recessed cans or a chandelier? 
    •  What style of faucets do you like?

Where I’m going with this is that you’ve lived with your existing master bathroom for 15 – 20 years and how you are currently using the space is much different than how you envision yourself using it after the makeover.

Determine your budget: Your bathroom renovation depends on the space you are remodeling.  Remember 90% of us are coming out of significantly smaller spaces and trying to create larger more luxurious spaces for the ultimate pampering experience.  I often have homeowners ask me “How much should I budget?”  The answer is, it depends. Your master bathroom makeover is much like purchasing a brand new car.  I depends on the size, the brand, the options, the quality of options you select!  So ultimately the budget for your new master bath is much more dependent on the extent and quality of options you select than on the size of the space itself!

Determine the materials you want: Again, collect photos and make a list so that when you meet with your interior designer she’ll be able to help you create your ultimate dream space.

  •  Do you prefer a solid surface like granite or marble, tile with a custom glass tile backsplash, or even custom metal?
  • What type of floor surface do you prefer?  While we love travertine tile and recommend natural stone or porcelain tile, you have options! Remember to select a floor surface that won’t be to “Slippery When Wet”! 
  • Do you want your floors heated?
  • What type of wall treatment do you like?  Do you like Venetian Plaster, faux finish, or perhaps wallpaper?
  • Do you like a frameless glass shower surround or a walk-in shower?

Hire a professional:

  Don’t trust the most personal space in your home to just anyone.  Make sure to select an experienced interior design who you can communicate with and a licensed general contractor and plumber who will manage the entire project from beginning to end.

Planning the perfect bathroom for the ultimate spa-like experience will be hard work, but the rewards are well worth the time and effort. Remember it’s critical to consider how you’re using your current bathroom and what you want this remodel to accomplish.

Are you excited?  We are!  Let’s get started! If you would like an interior design and remodeling consultation for your spa-like master bath, contact Katherine Speas, 

Speas Interior Design

Master Bedroom New Designs and Makeovers

After 30 years of raising kids and living with your 1960s style bedrooms (and furniture), it’s time to transform your dated space into a luxurious retreat perfect for sweet dreams!

But you’re confused on where to start and what to replace.  Floral metallic wallpaper, worn shag carpet, peppermint tiles and fixtures in the small adjoining bath, miniscule windows that barely let the light it, popcorn ceilings covered in dust, and oh that TV that’s better used as a boat anchor!

Real Estate Experts say that upgrades to the kitchen provide the best return on investment. As an Interior Designer, I say that remodeling and redecorating dollars are heavenly investments when thoughtfully used in the Master Bedroom!  Here are my top ten suggestions for your bedroom new designs and makeover!

  •  Simplicity is critical to a restful nights sleep as cluttered spaces make a room feel smaller.
  •  Spaciousness doesn’t have to be a luxury.  If space doesn’t allow for a separate sitting room in your master suite, consider grouping furniture to create individual spaces within one room for meditation, sleep, and of course your spa-like bath.
  •  Ambiance renews us.  I love a fireplace to add the ultimate luxury to master bedrooms.  Not only does a fireplace add warmth, it adds atmosphere and romance.  If you’re remodeling your master retreat, try to place your fireplace on a shared wall so it can be enjoyed in multiple areas of your bedroom or bath.
  •  Sunlight helps us thrive! Consider adding French doors that open to your deck or patio or a wall of windows to flood the room with natural sunlight.
  •  Paint is inexpensive and easily changed as your personal style evolves. If your room has a great deal of natural light, cozy it up with warm tones to darker hues of browns, oranges, reds and golds.

To create a tranquil spa like space, select cooler shades of soft blues and greens like this year’s hottest colors of  margarita and cockatoo for relaxation and sophistication.

Neutrals like 

driftwood and starfish are always a good choice for a balanced and peaceful space.  These neutrals are ideal if you have a smaller room without an abundance of natural light.  Keep your overall palette for walls and carpet lighter and accent with colors and textures to give the room interest.

To add depth to your room, accent with a darker color but limit this bold color to one statement wall and use lighter colors on the remaining walls.  From a design perspective, your headboard wall makes for a great statement wall and draws one’s attention when entering the bedroom.

Wall Treatments like Venetian plaster and faux painted walls create warmth and luxury as well as making a stunning backdrop for art.  When paired with shiny satin bedding, the look is sophisticated and upscale.

Bedding is the key to a good nights sleep but again personal preference comes into play.  Egyptian Cotton Sheets (be sure to look for a thread count of 600+) creates comfort while satin

sheets create a sensual experience.

Today’s trendsetting bedrooms feature bedding with a light and fluffy look and feel.   Layer your bedding with a soft throw over a down comforter.  Remember in Colorado (with our ever changing weather) to incorporate a warmer blanket with a soft lightweight one underneath.

Window Treatments serve several uses from blocking light and outside temperatures to style and aesthetics. A personal favorite of mine is to use an open weave ceiling to floor soft panel for drapes with a woven wood blind underneath.   A great idea for those who need to black out their room is to select drapes with a separate blackout liner underneath so you can use separately or together.

Furniture should reflect your personal style. Furniture should be placed for comfort, flow and functionality.  If you room allows, have a separate conversation or TV area from your sleeping area.  Incorporate a few nice pieces of furniture to create a clean and simple look. A bench placed at the foot of the bed provides additional seating and storage.  Chest of drawers work well for nightstands as they also allow for much needed bedroom storage.  A comfy chair, draped with a chenille throw, paired with a simple side table makes for the perfect seating area. 10.Accessories are about personalization! Use candles placed on nightstands to create romance. Pictures of friends and family (in an assortment of eclectic frames) add warmth and authenticity to your space. Use lamps to add lighting but also style.  Integrate mirrors into your design scheme to add depth and dimension. Bigger is better in design so use larger simpler accessories and a few large pillows instead of getting carried away with smaller ones.  The reason! The men in our lives hate throw pillows! Remember sleep is one of the most important activities of our day. However, your bedroom is not only a place for sleeping but also a private getaway.  It’s our private space to retreat and recharge. Your ultimate goal should be to create a room that fills a variety of needs for safety, luxury, simplicity, and relaxation - a personal sanctuary in your home! If you would like a interior design consultation for your master bedroom, contact Speartech Innovationz Interior Design