About Us

About Us

Speartech Innovationz

Are you looking for a truly meaningful transformation of your living space? Does your existing interiors give a truly meaningful interpretation of the word fabulous?

At Speartech Innovationz, we elevate your interior into a charming contemporary environment. Together we strive to combine architectural perfection and aesthetic elements, creating dazzling spaces that caters to an exceptional living experience. As a team of skilful interior designers, we have a mark over several landmarks in Bangalore City - HIRCO, Legacy, Hiranandani, Subracon Builders, Prestige, Brigade, Salarpuria, Adarsh etc...If you are planning to catch-up to the best of bedroom designing, step-into our fully Mock-up flats displaying the array of products. A great interior designing is also sustainable and environmentally-conscious, with designing completely free from any material involving MDF.

At our designing, we always merge the aesthetic pleasure with functionality, enhancing the true purposefulness of your living space. Whether you are looking for a residential space or corporate work-space, our designing will amplify the intent of the space. A graceful living environment will always reflect a sharper confidence and better productive habits.

Our team of designers treat no raw materials or hardware is too exceptional or commonplace. In the past, we have worked with various high-quality solid woods, imported glasses as well as various grades of plywood’s, laminates, Lacquered Glass and PVC foil. At each opportunity, we uncover the complete aspects of the given material, making them maximum productive and stand-out.

With the clients interest, our designers addresses the present work-family stresses through incorporating Feng-shui design. With incorporating a superior Feng-shui insights, it can create an optimal energy flow and prevent any potential conflicts of interests.

Through-out our task, we actively respect and incorporate our clients design taste and idea's. Our designers will also give a new perspective for an individual design ideas. Whether you are looking at elementary design or a complete redesigning, our works evolve into substantial improvement to the existing space.

Our Team

Our Team

Meet the dynamic couple and founder members of Speartech Innovationz : Vinod Nair and Rajashree Nair

Vinod Nair is dynamic and versatile with huge and rich exposure to the architect; design and building Industry for more than 18 years. He has worked for Tata Group ; Dline (leading German Organization) ; Jenson and Nicholson ; BP Ergo, JJA architects etc. With a significant exposure to design creation; project management and operations he has built Speartech Innovationz as a remarkable Interiors firm creating beautiful homes and vibrant offices.

Rajashree Nair comes with a tremendous exposure to the Interior and Design Industry. She has worked for leading firms like Goodlass Nerolac, Zolacoat (global leader in texture coatings) , Haworth etc. She firmly believes that An interior environment defines people - how they function . Our goal is to analyze each client's needs and personality, creatively interpret their ideas and deliver a space that embodies their ideals. Through the use of space, color, texture, lighting, and furnishings, we can transform vibrant spaces into a "unique interior experience."

At Speartech Innovationz, Vinod and Rajashree strive to make this transformation producing memorable interiors through an unmatched level of client service.

Design process

Discuss in confidence your individual requirements on site or in the relaxed and ambient sanctuary of our well-appointed design studio.

Following an in-depth discussion of your brief with one of our design team, we analyse your requirements and define which of our many services you may require congenial with your lifestyle, budget and time constraints.

Our accomplished ability to understand, define and transform our clients’ aspirations and objectives, achieves an exclusive and personally tailored package without exception.

An impressive collective knowledge of current market trends, together with many years of experience ensures each project is approached with a fresh and inventive eye.

Step 2 : CONCEPT

An overview of design style for the project will be proposed and several design solutions put forward for your consideration based on your brief.

Holistic illustrations of appropriate design elements may be offered during the initial planning process.

Our design concepts booklet is presented as a full-colour perspective illustration and/or CGI graphics, supported by mood boards, furniture layouts, lighting arrangements and floor plans. In this way style, scale and proportions are illustrated and a clear indication of how the space can be utilised.


The selected concepts and choices are refined and developed into a more detailed comprehensive format.

Computer Generated Images (CGI’s) with almost ‘virtual’ clarity serve to define the scale and proportions of the internal spaces and induce confidence in the final result. Hand-drawn impressions, mood boards, elevations, and floor plans are fundamental to the proposal and help visualisation of the proposed scheme. These important valuable visual aids should be used in conjunction with your appointed architects and developers final CAD working drawings.

Further development of visuals covering the finer details such as finishes and accessories may be addressed and enhanced at this stage.


The finally selected items are transformed into working drawings in preparation for the works to commence on site.

Supporting artistic impressions would be produced to show each area/room as a whole, including elevations of walls, sketches of proposed window treatments, furnishing, cabinetry, lighting, carpets and floor plans.

Bringing a design to fruition can be a complex process and visual aids such as mood boards, hand drawn visuals and room layouts are an essential part of good planning and organisation.


Following final confirmation of the agreed design proposal, your selections would be scheduled for seamless procurement, delivery and subsequent installation by our Project co-ordination department.


Our dedicated Project Co-ordination team ensure that schedules are strictly adhered to. Working closely with relevant craftsmen, suppliers and subcontractors we ensure that each stage of the project is carried out to the highest possible standards

Our Designers

Our Designers

Our creative team of interior designers and project managers are experienced professionals who are trained to handle all stages of your project or renovation. Apart from their knowledge in the decorative aspects of design, they are also trained and experienced in technical aspects of home theatre and home Automation . They possess strong budgeting skills and have the ability to manage the installation of all the elements that will define your space.

In addition to specializing in kitchen, bathroom and furniture design, our designers can assist you with all the selections throughout your home including: colours, finishes and textures, floor and wall coverings, lighting, soft furnishings and other materials including furniture, ornaments, curtains, rugs, artwork, carpets, and other accessories for interior decoration.

Our designers have the ability to plan the space and can carry out new construction projects as well as remodeling existing spaces with ease. While designing, they consider many aspects including Indian standards, regulations, building codes and workplace health and safety