Lifestyle Products

The interior designing is essentially a life-style choice; Whether renovating or redesigning, we ensure that your residence or office is a considerable up-gradation of the past. We provide custom-built luxury and affordable lifestyle products, instantly becoming an asset to your interiors. Through the products made, we establish the essential sophistication and charisma that instantly makes your home a spot cherishable.

A Lifestyle item need not be center-piece of attention, but can gently garland the interiors making them radiant and contrasting. Our designers helps you choose your optimal Lifestyle products; Whether its ranging from the branded decorator items to custom-made wooden articles, we assure that you make your best choice.

With a fully-equipped workshop and expert craftsman, there is no limitation to what's achievable with your interiors. We provide custom-manufactured wooden or glass articles designed for your interior spot-location and taste's. Our products are always premium-built, custom-polished and deftly crafted. We have previously created custom-products on various hardwoods and softwoods, laced with special finishes such as Lacquered Glass and PVC Foil.

Customised solid wood