1) What differences 'does or can' an interior Designer make to my Residence or Office?

Ans: An interior designer can make a difference in diverse aspects of your home. An interior designer is definitely not just someone who adds decorative elements to your home. A skilful designer can draft a complete plan for your floor or respective room, leading to optimal space, lighting and furniture arrangement. With experience, a designer can spot the frequently visual portions of your home and focus on those parts. In this regard your monetary spending could be guarded with a better monetary perspective.

2) Can Hiring the Designer Delay the project Completion?

Ans: No, But in contrary the designer can give a better direction and purpose to your renovation or home building process. The good designer combines the knowledge of may aspects covering your home and office. All these avoids any potential mistakes, while creating perfectly memorable spaces.

3) Does the interior designing includes all the materials needed to be procured?

Ans: We are completely capable of taking-up the complete turnkey project or the partial designer outcome. In every situation, we make clear-cut division of expenses and account's for purchased materials. We can take the complete project materials from the designer

4) Why Choose Custom-Furniture when the market offers inexhaustible choices?

Ans: The market can indeed offer a large number choices; But these covers a limited taste and only a few choice of materials. We make custom-furniture specially designed according to your taste and requirements. The various specifications of the each furniture article is made according to your individual measures; This gives you custom-comfort while eliminating the chances of injury due to bad-forms.

5) Will the Primary consultation give me an accurate cost-estimation?

Ans: Yes, In case of the primary consultation we can give a cost-estimation with accuracy. If the process sticks to the predisposed paths, with minimal accidental expenses, the project could be completed around the proposed amount.

6) What is The Studio range of Sliding Wardrobes

Ans: The Studio is a range of Hi End sliding wardrobes in Superior finishes and quality. Each Wardrobe is custom built for each individual customer based on his/ her individual taste, lifestyle & requirements

7) What do you mean by International Finishes & Quality

Ans: The Studio range comes in finishes and quality from premium ISI tested brands – this includes

  • Door options in Hi Gloss, Glass & Mirror
  • Metallic Edge Handles
  • Soft Closing
  • Use of the best sliding system hardware available globally
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  • Optimized door height, width & weight for trouble free sliding action
  • Customized Shelving
  • Dust proofing using specialized brushes and pelmets.

8) How are these wardrobes compared to "Imported" wardrobes?.

Ans: Yes there is.

  • All wardrobes under the Studio range are in BWR ply to ensure longevity and the ability to withstand Indian conditions.
  • Price: The price of a “Studio” wardrobe is more than 30% lower than the price of a comparable imported wardrobe (scroll down for more on the price)
  • There is no lead time for procurement/ import – the only time needed is that required for understanding the needs, customized design construction & fitment.

9)What sizes are these Wardrobes available in?

Ans: The Studio range of wardrobes is 100% customizable and built to match the exact space available

10) Will the Wardrobes be fixed or stand alone

Ans: They will be fixed as that enhances the look and leaves no spaces between the wall and the wardrobe. If however the customer wishes to have them stand alone then that is also possible.

11)Are loft options available?

Ans: Yes loft options are available. Unlike in the West we folks in India do prefer to have lofts and the whole point of the Studio range is to cater to our blended needs around finish, material quality and utility

12) Will it need any work on the site?

Ans: About 90% of the work will be done at the factory however depending on the complexity of the door design chosen there will be some work to be executed onsite. However the max assembly/ work time on-site per wardrobe will not be more than 2 days.

13)Most important question – what is the price??

Ans: The price depends on the design, finish chosen (Hi Gloss, Glass, Combination etc.), shelving and the size. The idea is to have a price point where even if the customer decides to make the wardrobe on his own using the same material, he ends up spending equal or more. In looking through the supply chain efficiencies and bulk discounts available to designers I do believe that this is possible.

14) How to order

Ans: Get in touch with us over mail (tk@speartechinv.com)